A Happier Healthier Stronger Tennessee

"As an unbiased Representative, I am committed to ensuring that the constituents of District 61 and all Tennesseans feel seen and heard. My mission is to amplify the voices of the people I represent, and ensure their concerns are acknowledged and deeply valued in the legislative process." Alana LeBlanc


I am dedicated to crafting legislation to identify and address the root causes of the mental health epidemic while working toward creating more affordable and accessible mental, physical, and preventative healthcare services. Mental health is an issue that touches us all, yet it is too often dismissed or neglected. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to the silent struggles of our loved ones, our neighbors, and ourselves.

In addition, I am a strong advocate for women’s healthcare, addiction rehabilitation, veterans' well-being, and preventative healthcare. Investing in preventative measures can save lives, reduce healthcare costs, and build a stronger, more resilient society. I will propose measures to make preventative healthcare resources and education widely available and easily accessible to all communities, fostering a proactive approach to healthcare that emphasizes prevention over treatment. Feeling healthy and happy is not a luxury; it is our birthright.

Prioritizing health care is essential for a thriving community. Here's my action plan:

  • Accessible Health Resources: Increase affordability and accessibility to mental health, preventative care, and health services for all community members.

  • Educational Programs: Launch comprehensive community education programs to de-stigmatize mental health issues, educate communities about preventative care, and promote wellness.

  • Support Networks: Build robust support networks that offer help and guidance to anyone struggling with addiction or mental health challenges.


I am dedicated to implementing an enriched curriculum that cultivates responsible, innovative, and forward-thinking future leaders. This includes prioritizing comprehensive education that equips youth with skills beyond academics, such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and adaptability. Additionally, I am committed to ensuring public education remains funded, improving salaries and benefits for teachers, and providing ongoing professional development and training to meet current educational needs and future job market demands.

Investing in local public education is not just a policy; it's a commitment to our children's future and our community's future. Here’s how I plan to enhance our public schools:

  • Support Teacher Development: Increase salaries and benefits to attract and retain high-quality educators. Provide ongoing professional development and training opportunities.

  • Enhance Curriculum and Standards: Ensure curriculum standards are updated to meet current educational needs and future job market demands. Support early childhood education programs to prepare children for academic success.

  • Enhance Student Support Services: Increase access to mental health services, counselors, and social workers in schools. Implement programs addressing student wellness, including nutrition and physical activity. Develop anti-bullying initiatives and promote a positive school culture.

  • Encourage Community and Parental Involvement: Foster partnerships between schools, parents, and the community to support student learning.

Freedoms and Rights

Our freedoms are the birthright of all Americans, enshrined in our Constitution and guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. In a time of growing discord and division, it is more important than ever that we stand united in defense of our core values. I will be a dedicated advocate for civil rights, standing up against any encroachment on our freedoms, whether from government overreach or corporate interests. As a strong supporter of the First and Second Amendments, I am committed to protecting our freedoms of speech, religion, and assembly, as well as our right to bear arms.