A Happier Healthier Stronger Tennessee

Alana LeBlanc

For TN State Representative

District 61

Please help support my vision for a Happier Healthier Tennessee.

"Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future."


About Alana LeBlanc

Alana loves Williamson County and its strong community values. Over a decade ago, she rooted her family here, built her career as a local Realtor, and became a Certified Health and Nutrition Coach dedicated to community and wellness. She is a graduate of IIN, a public speaker, and a former TV host of HGTV’s Listed Sisters. Alana proudly represents Williamson County, advocating for a happier, healthier, and stronger Tennessee.

Alana’s dedication to the community extends beyond her professional life; she has devoted time and support to numerous non-profits and organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, ByFaith Farms, and the Kids Ministry at CrossPoint Church, where she is a proud member.

She chose Williamson County for its exceptional school district, believing in its excellence and potential for continued positive growth. She has one child in middle school and another who attends UT. Grateful for her life in Franklin, Alana cherishes its safety, warmth, meticulous upkeep, and tranquility—qualities she is committed to preserving.

Alana’s qualifications for office include her ability to listen, empathize, and communicate effectively. As an Independent candidate, she believes in bridging the gap between political parties and fostering open communication and cooperation to achieve real progress.

"As a local Realtor, I've worked with hundreds of individuals and families over the past decade. This experience has given me a unique opportunity to understand why people are moving to Middle Tennessee and the benefits of living in the area. I’m proud that people are coming to our state to find a better life. It has also taught me why native Tennesseans, such as teachers and those in the restaurant industry, are leaving our area. Talking to executives, homemakers, insurance agents, teachers, small business owners, and many others from different industries has given me insight into what our community lacks and what it should be proud of."

In recent years, our legislative environment has shifted away from improving the lives of Tennesseans to maintaining and gaining power. This has deepened political divides and slowed meaningful progress. I will bridge the gaps that divide us by fostering a legislative environment that focuses on collaboration and is driven by the genuine needs and wishes of Tennesseans.

I am running for office because I believe in a Tennessee that thrives on unity. It is time to shift the focus back to what truly matters: addressing the issues that affect our daily lives and working together to find solutions. Our health, economy, and schools, deserve more attention and action than they currently receive.

By running for office, I am committing to fight for a happier, healthier Tennessee where all voices are heard. I believe in our state’s potential to set a national example of how cooperation and forward-thinking can bring about sustainable and impactful change. Let's come together to make Tennessee the strongest, happiest, and healthiest state in the country! I hope you’ll join me.

- Alana LeBlanc

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